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The market commentary service is based upon the daily market results. Excluding US Holidays, I provide my service to clients five business days per week. The minute Wall Street closes, I analyze the markets and write the commentary for the following day’s market. The market commentary service is sent in three separate emails sometime in the evening for the following business day and consists of:

Pivot Points

Pivot Points by definition are mathematical support and resistance levels in a particular market. If you have a particular market you would like to add, it can be arranged.

System Trades

System Trades by definition are computer generated buy and sell signals. Based on pattern recognition, these trades are initiated at the end of the trading day. I email these trade recommendations after the market is closed.

Daily Market Commentary and Charts

Daily Market Commentary and Charts by definition is my view of tomorrow’s market based upon today’s action. I back-up my market views with well documented treasury and indices charts.

Market Updates 

Market Updates by definition are emails I send out when I am ready to trade. This allows my readers to trade along with me. I bring 34+ years of trading experience to the table. I still trade the markets every day.

I provide Pivot Points for fifteen different markets. DAX, EuroStoxx 50, 30-Yr Bonds, 10-Yr Notes, E-mini Dow/S&P/NASDAQ, Dollar Index, Euro Currency, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, Crude Oil and Gold.

On the website are the Intricacies of the Pivot Points. The Intricacies are a guide to help you interpret the Pivot Points. The formula for the Pivot Points is Fibonacci based. The Pivot Points are determined based upon the previous day’s High – Low – Close. You can also use the formula on an intraday basis i.e. 5-minute, 15-minute or hourly charts. Pivot Points can also be produced on a weekly basis. As long as a market OR stock has a High – Low – Close, Pivot Points can be produced.

There are two ways you can obtain this Excel spreadsheet with the formulas embedded in the cells.

Option 1

You can buy the spreadsheet with the formulas
embedded in the cells direct from me.
The price is $4,999. I will send the spreadsheet
to you in an email and all you will need
to do is enter your own High – Low – Close
in any market you choose…stocks or commodities.

For your own personal use, you can
 produce hourly, daily or weekly Pivot Points.
 The Excel spreadsheet will do the rounding for you.

Option 2

Your friend can buy the spreadsheet with the formulas
embedded in the cells directly from me
and they can share it with you.
The price remains the same at $4,999.
Divide that by two and it gets a bit cheaper.

When I started my business in 2002, the product I was selling were the Pivot Points. I would write daily to my readers on how to use the Pivot Points. After 2-3 weeks I ran out of things to write about, so I started sharing my views of the market. 10+ years of feedback tells me my product is my 34+ years of market experience which I share daily via my Commentary and Charts.

My clients love my down-to-earth…no holds barred…tell it like it is…very simple and easy to read style of writing. I produce well documented credit market and indices market charts. If I spot a trade in a different sector, for instance a Gold trade; I will produce a specific Gold chart on that particular evening and write about it in my commentary.

My weekend commentary is quite extensive. There is plenty of data to ponder as well as 15-20 well documented charts. I produce numerous monthly charts in my weekend commentary. I also write a brief paragraph about each chart. There is a reason I supply so many charts on the weekend. They are all pieces of my market puzzle which help me analyze the correlations and put together a trading plan for the coming week.

I always like to say…if every trade was a winner
I would have retired 20 years ago.

I am not afraid to pat myself on the back when I get it right. When I get it wrong…and I do get it wrong…I write that I got it wrong and we move on. In conclusion, if the US markets are open, I provide my service daily. If, for example, the US markets are closed for Thanksgiving, I will provide my full service on Wednesday evening for trade on Friday. My weekend commentary is normally available on Saturday for the Monday business day, unless the US markets are closed Monday.

I do not trade options. I trade futures contracts only. There is a reason professional option trader’s make money. They sell volatility…i.e…they sell puts and they sell calls. There is a reason 95% of the public who trade options lose money. The public loves to buy volatility…i.e…the public buys puts and buy calls. Buying volatility is a mugs game.

If you do not understand options, don’t trade them. If you think you understand options, think about this --
There are four possible outcomes when you for example buy an at-the-money call:

  • The market can go down and you lose money.
  • The market can trade sideways and you lose money.
  • The market can go up but not go up fast enough and you still lose money.
  • The market can rally quickly and you make money.

When three out of four possible outcomes all lose money, why would you ever want to buy volatility? May I reiterate? There is a reason professional option traders make money. They sell volatility…i.e…they sell puts and they sell calls. Buying volatility is a mugs game.

I will never lie to you. I am a professional futures trader. I do not trade options. I will never tell you I know it all. If I was a know-it-all, I would charge you more.