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After several months of verbally sharing my market views to others, I decided to start writing my thoughts and views of the market in a formal commentary.

In addition to the market commentary, I record daily Pivot Points based upon a formula of the previous trading day’s high, low, and closing prices.

If you like swing trading, you can learn a lot from me by reading my commentary, studying the charts and reviewing the pivot points.

I have formulated my own trading system which is the basis for my advice and market calls provided in the market commentary and the famous TLP Gut Trade.

This Is How It Works

All Inclusive Service

The market commentary service is based upon the daily market results, Weekend and Daily Commentary, Trade System Trades and Pivot Points. Excluding US Holidays, I provide my service to clients five business days per week. The minute Wall Street closes, I analyze the markets and write the commentary for the following day’s market.

Daily Commentary/Charts

I produce well documented credit market and indices market charts. My clients love my down-to-earth…no holds barred…tell it like it is…very simple and easy to read style of writing. Also included are my Pivot Points and Trading System trades.

Daily Market Updates & Trade Updates

Every morning I put out an Early Morning Thoughts and late morning a Pre-Workout Thoughts. If I make a swing trade I put it out as close to real time as possible to my readers. I do not put out scalp trades.

Pivot Points

I provide Pivot Points for seventeen different markets, including DAX, EuroStoxx 50, 30-Yr Bonds, 10-Yr Notes, E-mini Dow/S&P/NASDAQ, Russell 2000, Dollar Index, Euro Currency, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, Aussie Dollar, Crude Oil, Nat Gas and Gold